Empowering women and children






The population of the district is around 65,000 (35,400 female, 29,400 male) and growing at 1.2% a year (ref: Ghana Statistical Services, 2000). This growth rate is low compared to the regional (1.9%) and national (3%) rates and may be because fishermen have been leaving the area for other fishing communities, and young people leave to go to the cities.


11% of people live in towns and 89% in rural areas. About 15,000 women and 11,000 men are working or looking for work. About 7% of children in the district also work, doing street hawking, fishing, farming, and homemaking.


There are five traditional areas in the district. These are Agave, Fievie, Sokpoe, Tefle and Vume. Most people are Ewe speaking; the indigenous people (Ewes) account for 90% of the population. The main food of the people is akple with okro soup. Communal spirit is very high among the people, especially those in the rural areas.