Empowering women and children




Women Empowerment And Gender Equality


Women have made some remarkable gains here since 1995: they are living longer and healthier lives, they receive better schooling; they are more economically active, and more women have the vote than ever before. Despite these gains, women continue to be living in poverty and suffer from illiteracy, dislocation, violence, poor nutrition and ill-health. According to the United Nations, women still lag behind men in virtually all aspects of life.




Major Activities:


Organization Diagnosis

Promote Women Economic Development

Fund Mobilization

Business Advisory Services:



Organization Diagnosis:

This involves looking at organization effectiveness and team effectiveness.It includes a culture assessment which looks at the beliefs and assumptions of the organization and its members.It also looks ahead at further actions and activities of the organization.



Promote Women Economic Development:

This intervention supports economic development of deprived women by advocating for increasing access to land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship skills. The major objective is to promote gender equality through micro crediting.


The following developmental activities have been identified for the implementation of this intervention:

(a) Development of alternative livelihood and entrepreneurship skills for identifiable womens socio-economic groups.

(b) Integration of anti-child labour / trafficking and sexual reproductive health issues into alternative livelihood entrepreneurship programs.

c) Dialogue at district and community levels on the gender sensitivity in the district budgeting, and programming on equal access to social and economic resources.



Fund Mobilization:

The program will extensively source from donors, NGOs, Microfinance Institutions, District Assembly, and Rural Enterprises. The various womens groups will be encouraged to initiate credit scheme which will serve as internal generated funds and guarantee funds. Banks will be contracted to manage the facility.



Business Advisory Services:

The facility will provide its clients with business advice and consultancy services to strengthen their entrepreneurial capabilities through:

(a) Counselling and coaching

(b) Business development management/administration

(c) Marketing strategies

(d) Strategic business plan development.