The role of laughter in our lives can be immense because it brings changes to our physiology,

- to our body and our mind -

stress is reduced, we get happier and healthier.

These physiological changes just happen with laughter! Laughter really can be the best medicine.

The third Wales National Laughter Day is on Wednesday 10th June 2015,

set up to celebrate happiness and laughter in Wales.

Laugh Wales is a country-wide project, launched on 12th June 2013, a first in the UK, that goes on all year.

We want your involvement and your ideas on how to share more joyful laughter throughout Wales EVERY day!

You can also contact us at:

Our vision is for people throughout Wales to come together, create and lead activities based on laughing together!

Schools, offices, communities, everyone! Lets make Wales the happiest place on earth!

Join us and get involved!