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WOW Water an introduction

WOW Water brings together two continents, two cultures, and the opportunity to learn the value of water in our changing world.

If every child in our nurseries and primary schools donates a coin into a collecting bottle each time they have a drink of water, they will start to learn about the value of water and help to raise funds.

And with this money, we will team up with people in small towns and villages in Ghana, Africa, to bring clean drinking water to their communities and implement projects on sanitation, hygiene and education.

Joining the WOW-Water Campaign

Becoming part of WOW Water is simple yet so effective.

All you need are empty plastic water bottles (used as money boxes) and a large sized empty water bottle (as a collection bottle for all donations).

There is information about life in the villages we want to help. You can ask us questions. And we will report back on how your money is being used to make a difference!

Linking communities around Fievie to the mains water supply

We asked the people around Fievie what they would like, and they said they want to be connected to the mains water supply. This can supply water even in the long dry season when there is no rain. Until now in Fievie, they have got their water from a pond which cattle use as a toilet, with people dying from this.

In July 2016 we visited Fievie. We met with the local authority leaders, the community leaders, Kids Foundation CEO and members of the Rotary Club of Ho. We built good connections which will enable the project to be implemented. The visit was funded by Rotary Club of Manchester and the Rotary District 1285.

The main town of Fievie-Dugame is now connected to the mains supply. But the outlying villages and other parts of Fievie State still need to be connected.

Through funds raised and matched funding from The Rotary Foundation, the water project in Fievie-Dugame was commissioned on 25th June 2019.